ESAB Plasma Cutter Guide

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Plasma cutters form the most crucial weapon in the field of metal manufacturing company. With its help you can efficiently cut down the metals due to very high temperature jet that is projected through the nozzle. Other than this, there are lots of other purposes where these cutters are being used such as in auto manufacturing industries to cut the different parts of automobiles, used in industries to cut through cumbersome sheets of metals, CNC instruments to acquire highly comprehensible cuts and much more. Such CNC instruments form convenient tool for the workers and metals are easily cut and arranged. Also it is used by artists for the précised cut of metals as these are movable, affordable and compact. Compared to other processes, heat due to friction here is very less; hence, processed surface is generally not so hot.

How ESAB plasma cutters work:

ESABWhen the current is passed through the ionized gas from a source that has low current and high voltage, the gas gets very hot. When this high temperature, high pressure and high velocity jet of ionized gas is brought near the metal, it starts to melt and this is how the plasma cutting works. The precision and size of the cut can be adjusted easily through nozzles and controlling pressure of the jet. At you’ll know more about this processes and all models of plasma cutters by ESAB.

Manually operated and CNC ESAB cutters are two types of machines. The quality of the manually done plasma cutting will highly depend on the operator. On the other hand, CNC plasma cutting is highly précised, accurate and of high quality as it is a computerized control.

These cutters when tooled with robots give best and high quality results. Mainly, this is done in huge industries where large parts have to be cut precisely.  Automobile industries generally use these in large numbers for continuous cutting of large automobile parts.

Some of the vital features of ESAB plasma cutter are:

  • They are lightweight, affordable, movable and compact, precise and easy to use.
  • It not only cuts but marks the work piece. The cutting and marking processes are précised and speedy.
  • Work pieces that are quite thick, can also be cut easily.
  • The jet that is projected through nozzles can be of ionized gas or high speed water.
  • The process can be done openly over machine table or also under water surface.
  • An ESAB CNC plasma cutter does all the work for you; pressure and velocity flow rate controlling. The parameters needed for cutting are all initially uploaded in the CNC. You need to input the basic material dimensions and type and it starts cutting.
  • Cuts huge varieties of metals and other materials.
  • Straight as well as bended cuts up to 45 degrees can be easily done.
  • It has long life, simple mechanism, few parts and resistant to all kinds of environments.
  • ESAB plasma cutting systems provide a variety of high quality cutters according to the need of the consumers. They follow all the rules and regulations of international standard systems.

Thus, from these varieties of cutters reviewed at Plasma Cutter Pro, choose the one that suits the type of work you are planning to do and goes with the electric voltage that your workplace provides.  The material and dimensions of the metal, precision of the cut, whether the cutting machine is going to be moved throughout the workplace or fixed at one place are all the other factors that should be kept in mind before buying ESAB plasma cutters.